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Optimize the productivity, agility and sustainability of your value chain

AVEVA™ Production Management | Formerly Ampla

End to end process visibility and data driven decision making

AVEVA Production Management produces rich, contextualized operating intelligence by augmenting disparate data sources with valuable human experience. Equipped with intelligence from your trusted production management platform, your workforce quickly identifies value leaks and productivity opportunities, driving increased profitability through continuous improvement.


AVEVA Production Management is a Scalable and Modular Platform

The three pillars of the AVEVA Production Management platform – Performance, Inventory and Sustainability – allow you to increase your profitability, agility and competitiveness, while ensuring you continue to meet your commitments to shareholders, government and community.

AVEVA Production Management calculates true process performance KPI’s for monitoring, reporting and analysis to continuously improve operational efficiency and asset utilization.

AVEVA Production Management models your entire value chain, highlighting areas of quantity and quality concern before they propagate downstream, allowing you to rapidly adjust your operations to reduce penalties, and providing opportunities take advantage of the spot market.

AVEVA Production Management also democratizes the sustainability commitment to your operations, enabling your entire workforce – from the control room to the board room – to immediately identify adverse sustainability and environmental events, take corrective actions, and coordinate root cause analysis for continuous improvement.

Average improvements achieved with AVEVA™ Production Management

10% Increase in Productivity     
of surveyed Customers obtained better Visibility into Operations 
20% Increase in Equipment Uptime   
Reduction in Energy Consumption

“The asset utilization project is already delivering significant results. We have achieved around 10-20% capacity improvement globally.”
Dan Curry Group Manager Processing Operations

AVEVA Production Management Features
Eliminate production losses and maximize profitability with a single trusted source of information for monitoring, reporting and data driven continuous improvement.

Delay Accounting
Capture downtime, throughput delays and quality losses for continuous improvement of operational performance and asset utilization closer to the maximum sustainable rate (MSR) target.

Sustainability Management

Obtain real-time visibility into sustainability and environmental incidents. Understand the root causes of energy overconsumption, water overconsumption, adverse air quality and high noise events, and provide the tools and context for immediate action.

Production Reporting
Automate the collection of production and consumption data for an accurate overview of your plant’s inputs and outputs and your production progress vs plan.

Shift Logs
Provide centralized, auditable and searchable shift handover facilities, by combining automatically generated KPIs and production data with operator and supervisor context for consistency and accuracy.

Inventory & Quality Management
A complete work-in-progress (WIP) inventory solution for continuous process industries to visualize stock levels and quality across the supply chain.

Access business critical KPI’s and alerts from mobile devices, and access role-specific interfaces to support business processes on the go.

Material Accounting
Prepare end of period metal or material accounting reports, with creation and approval workflows to support full auditability and accountability.

Enterprise Integration
Provide current and accurate production and inventory status information to Operations, Planning, Scheduling and Enterprise Resource Management applications via standard and open APIs.

Value Chain Optimization

AVEVA Production Management models the inventory across your entire value chain, allowing you to monitor and react to changes in stock volumes and qualities – both estimated and measured. The software automatically updates the inventory information for downstream quantities, qualities and genealogy with late incoming data.
When integrated with planning and ERP systems the software keeps operational data and performance metrics updated in near real time which enables better decision making, faster responses to unplanned events, and increased business agility.

“It enabled us to rethink how is it that we can run an end-to-end mining business, and do that in a way that has never been realized before.” Mike Lomman Group Manager - Demand Chain Roy Hill

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