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Maximise employee productivity and efficiency through immersive operator training

AVEVA XR for Training

Train the Next Generation of Operators

XR for Training is a 3D training tool that connects control room operators, maintenance, and field personnel in a single realistic learning environment. Extended reality (XR) incorporates augmented reality, virtual Reality and mixed reality into a single industrial software, providing a fully realised 3D training experience to teach new operators.


Engage the younger generation
Inspire the new workforce with innovative training technology, leaving the outdated methods in the past.


Simplify complex procedures
Replicate real-life plant scenarios in a virtual environment, allowing new operators to digest information more effectively and frequently.


Improve Safety
Cultivate a safe working environment by empowering the workforce to identify potential hazards and how to resolve them.

AVEVA XR for Training features

Rapid advances in virtual reality technology are enabling powerful 3D Immersive training systems to be developed to address the challenge of delivering effective field operator training. AVEVA XR for Training offers trainees standard operating procedure practice, emergency preparedness and a deeper understanding of the plant they operate.


Entire team training
AVEVA XR for Training coupled with AVEVA OTS provides operators with the all the best facets for operator training: A real time dynamic process simulator combined with a 3D immersive training environment.


System architecture
The system architecture consisting of instructor, emulation, and trainee station(s) all which are synchronized, allowing operators to adjust controls, set the right conditions and run the simulator like a real-life plant.


Safety case scenarios
Prepare your operators for a number of different plant emergencies and safety hazards in a 3D immersive training environment, where specific safety case scenarios can be practised.


Best practises
Provide a realistic training environment to practice standard operating procedures and help your operators gain a deeper understanding of your plant’s operation.

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