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On March 8 we commemorate International Women's Day, a date that invites us to reflect on the path taken by women in the fight for gender equality, human rights and social justice.

The origin of this commemoration dates back to the 19th century, when women began to raise their voices to demand better working conditions, equal pay and the right to vote. In 1908, a group of working women in New York City marched through the streets demanding better working conditions and women's suffrage. This event marked a milestone in the history of the feminist movement.

Later, in 1910, during the Second International Conference of Socialist Women, held in Copenhagen, it was proposed to establish an international women's day to promote women's rights and gender equality. This is how March 8 became official as International Women's Day.

Since then, this date has been a reminder of the courage, resistance and commitment of women in the fight for equality. It is an opportunity to recognize the achievements made, but also to reflect on the challenges we still face in the search for a more just and inclusive world for all people.

In the industrial software industry, women play critical roles in the innovation, development and implementation of technological solutions. At Levex, we value diversity and inclusion, and are committed to promoting a work environment where all people can reach their full potential, regardless of gender.


This International Women's Day, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting and empowering women in the industry, creating opportunities for professional growth and development. Together, we work towards a future where gender equality is a reality in all areas of society.

Join us on this day of remembrance and action for gender equality! #InternationalWomen'sDay #GenderEquality #FemaleEmpowerment #LevexAVEVA