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AVEVA™ Application Server

Application Server

Petroleum Development Oman

Information management is providing clear benefits to Petroleum Development Oman, saving employees time searching for information and democratizing access to data.
Petroleum Development Oman uses AVEVA™ NET to enable accurate and detailed asset information visualization across the organization, giving users access and navigation through a digital version of their plant.

Improve operational performance.
Manage plant changes and ensure the integrity and reliability of asset information during operation.
Save time in searching and comparing data.
Democratize access to reliable data to ensure the safety of maintenance employees.




Poor information management: slow and time-consuming information searches were affecting operational performance.
Critical information stored in a wide variety of formats in different repositories and systems throughout the organization.
Construction schematics difficult to keep up to date after completing modification tasks in a plant, with obvious safety implications.
Avoiding potentially erroneous decisions that could endanger both the plant and its employees.
Engineers can quickly search tags and find all related information such as process schematics, manuals, specifications or maintenance histories.
Saving 5% of total worker time searching for information = 10,000 work days. This is the equivalent of having 50 more skilled workers, at no additional cost to the company.