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AVEVA™ Application Server

Application Server

AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center for Mining, end-to-end operational visibility across all mining operations to maintain operational conditions, achieve greater situational awareness, and enhance crisis response with AVEVA's Unified Operations Center for Mining (UOC). Empower the entire team with a centralized view to help make informed decisions quickly. UOC for Mining is based on a system-of-systems approach that converges OT and IT technology into a single Dashboard solution. This contextualizes actionable information, providing an overall perspective of operations from the pit to the port and subsystems managing specific areas such as crushers, processing plants, and connected workers.

Data Convergence and Contextualization
UOC for Mining normalizes operational views of how pit-to-port operations are performing by aligning information from numerous disparate subsystems into a context-aware 360-degree control environment.

Map-based Navigation Model
It starts with a satellite perspective of geographic operations and drills down for functional overlays for each asset and system before examining real-time specific KPI information.

Mining Connectors and Content
Kick-start your UOC implementation with mining-specific graphics, layouts, and connectors. Customize the application with your company's branding and unique system attributes to fit different operating environments and business objectives.



Template-Driven Design
AVEVA's software technology focuses on template-driven design techniques to enhance development experience. This reduces overall engineering effort and delivers best-in-class total cost of ownership.

Incorporating Non-Process Systems
Benefit from centralized visibility by extending data collection to climate, connected workers, environmental, and end-to-end maintenance requirements to reduce overall operation costs through workforce efficiency and increased visibility of key KPIs and operational conditions.

Minimize risk to people, assets, and operations
Improve decision-making by increasing situational awareness of asset operational conditions, shifting from reactive crisis mitigation to proactive risk management in departmental operations.

Complement operator knowledge to extend asset life, ensure worker safety, and maintain production programs.

Single Version of Truth for Business Agility
By empowering workers with actionable information through context-based integrated data visualization and analysis, AVEVA's Unified Operations Center for Mining maximizes the utilization of all available data for informed decision-making to improve real-time operations.