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Network Rail

Network Rail partners with AVEVA to increase availability of infrastructure through the Intelligent Infrastructure Program

Network Rail owns and manages most of the railway network in Britain. Its main customers are train operating companies and freight operating companies, who provide services on the

infrastructure that the company owns and maintains. Network Rail is currently undertaking a £38 billion plan of network upgrades. The Intelligent Infrastructure Program is the foundation of this plan.

Network Rail has implemented AVEVA’s unified operations center to monitor, control and optimize the performance of Great Britain’s rail network in order to modernize and improve services for over 1.7 billion rail passengers annually. Close to 90.000 critical assets are planned to be monitored and controlled in one, interconnected operational system across 10 routes and 5 regions. More than 1000 users will be accessing and utilizing the system. It will contribute to Network Rail’s goal of improving the availability of the infrastructure aiming to achieve a greater than 6.6% reduction in the level of service- affecting failures.


  • AVEVA Unified Operations Center


  • 90,000 critical assets unified and analyzed in real time enabling the team to optimize network performance.
  • Driving to achieve 6.6% reduction in service-affecting failures, with associated energy inefficiencies and operational inefficiencies
  • An integrated view of all critical assets’ operating status will decrease transport interruption.
  • Data and analytics combined in the Cloud to enable users to predict potential failures and their impacts before they occur, enabling interventions to ensure service continuity.
  • Improved critical safety performance and regulatory compliance, to support Network Rail’s operational strategy.

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