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Boosting Operations: 5 Keys to the AVEVA™ System Platform

Industrial companies need a reliable operations control system to meet complex requirements and convey important information in context. Operations around the world choose AVEVA System Platform for its rich content presentation, sophisticated design toolset, and secure architectural capabilities, among other features. Information is presented in context and is easily accessible to stakeholders at any level of your operation, improving efficiency and turning previously unused data into actionable insights.


Top five reasons why AVEVA System Platform is the best choice for managing your industrial operations:

1. Operations Management Interface

The Operations Management Interface (OMI) is a highly versatile visualization capability in the AVEVA System Platform. It offers powerful content presentation techniques for a modern view of industrial operations control. The user experience can be configured to automatically organize content based on the device used, use common industrial graphics that can be shared with other AVEVA products, and leverage the asset hierarchy model to populate navigation and contextual links between content. The Operations Management Interface is essential to generating complete situational awareness.

2. Configurations and integrations

AVEVA System Platform is based on a context built from associations in the asset model. This amplifies the value of the content displayed. For example, alarm severity indicators can be automatically displayed next to alarming assets. You can dynamically navigate between assets, so you can drill down and find external documents more easily, or embed data to automatically serve applications. Integrations such as AVEVA™ Historian and AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System are attached natively, providing additional sources of content. Use AI-analyzed video streams through Vision AI Assistant and collaborate with cloud-based tools like AVEVA™ Teamwork. You can even provide web pages to users. In short, you have almost complete flexibility to configure display panels according to your needs and specifications.

3. Includes a process historian

AVEVA Historian is a process database that comes with the AVEVA System Platform, allowing access to process history data, alarms and events. With a single click, you can use this native integration to historicize assets. It offers significant capabilities in operational data trends and analysis, both locally and within OMI. Historian data can be further leveraged through other solutions such as AVEVA™ PI System™, AVEVA™ Insight, and third-party software. This simplified data continuity helps create a single digital thread, ensuring everyone has the same information at the same time, while leveraging data across the organization.

4. Standards and reusable engineering

The degree of efficiency and reusability of engineering work directly impacts the total cost of ownership over time. AVEVA System Platform evolves with your organization, protecting your investment. Object-based design allows you to build templates, dramatically reducing engineering rework. Using standards such as styles, graphical derivation, and object wizards preserves design knowledge within the application, resulting in a reusable effort even as engineering teams change over time.

5. Scalability and redundancy

Operations control environments are sophisticated structures that must operate continuously with the ability to grow and adapt to change. AVEVA System Platform was designed specifically to manage both large and small industrial activities, with the ability to distribute data processing and software components across varied computing and network resources. This includes redundancy to ensure that data flow, historicization, and display continue to function during any hardware or software failure event. Should a failure occur, the system monitoring utility tracks and alerts you to issues, ensuring your effective response.