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Growing concerns about the global business environment due to trade disputes between the US and China, the US and the EU, as well as Brexit, are leading chemical and petrochemical companies to lower their growth expectations. China will soon have a 50% market share of global chemical production. Therefore, China is within the investment focus for chemical companies, but slower growth in China adds uncertainty to investment plans.
As the location of chemical production is more driven by proximity to end customers (businesses), growth will be focused in this region. Cheap shale gas in North America continues to drive investment in the region. This will lead to investment in petrochemicals, as the location of petrochemical investments is more driven by proximity to raw materials.



Since process technology is a key competitive factor in the chemical industry, protecting intellectual property will remain a major concern for global chemical companies. While traditional global chemical industry players continue to lead, competitors, especially China and to some extent the Middle East, are trying to catch up. This increases the pressure to accelerate innovation and increase efficiency to reduce costs.
Digital Transformation is a transformation of work enabled by "digitization." It is useful to consider the differences between four commonly used phrases in the "digital" conversation and reflect on where it is.

Waste: Minimizing "waste," such as manual calculations, time spent searching for and verifying information.
When: Previously, often before situations or opportunities arise.
Where: Includes remote mobile workers.
OMS: Optimizing expert engagement (so they can focus on improvements).
How: Planned teamwork, proactively guided and tracked.

AVEVA focuses on all components of mining to achieve excellence in digital project execution using a holistic approach that empowers all project personnel with the right technologies and training to transform work.
Digital acceleration is an acceleration of this journey and must be driven from the top of the organization. Senior management makes and drives decisions across silos to establish the "new way of working." The impact on corporate performance and shareholder profitability is significant.

Digital transformation efforts failed because:
They started as technology projects.
They were implemented as technology roadmaps.
There was insufficient cultural change from management.
There was insufficient or excessive innovation.
There was insufficient integration of people, process, work, strategy, and technology.
Digital transformation succeeded because:
They started as workforce transformation projects.
They were implemented as holistic combinations of people, process, work, strategy, and technology.
Senior management actively and consistently sponsors the "new way of working."
They applied best practice methods for cultural change.
Digital acceleration in Chemicals and Petrochemicals.
The success of digital acceleration driven by AVEVA significantly contributes to our customers' ROI by transforming the performance of plant design, construction, and operation.

Why partner with AVEVA for your digital acceleration?
As you embark on your digital acceleration journey, you need to partner with a company that can provide both business and technical guidance, ensuring the successful implementation of your strategic roadmap for digital acceleration. After helping create the comprehensive digital acceleration roadmap, AVEVA will continue to assist in implementing the necessary processes to transform work, optimize processes, and reduce wasted effort. We utilize a holistic approach that integrates both horizontally and vertically within your organization, making us well-suited for this initiative. Global industry leaders trust AVEVA as a leader in digital transformation for process manufacturing companies. As we connect people with processes and technology, we offer end-to-end value chain solutions for process industries. We work with a global network of partners that focus on the complete digital technology landscape.