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Smart Cities
A true "system of systems" approach to addressing the complex challenges of smart cities, provided by people who have been solving these industrial automation problems for over 30 years.
With the increase in urbanization, growing cost pressures, and demand for a better quality of life, there is now a global movement towards consolidation, improvement, and continuous refinement of infrastructure.

There is now a greater need than ever for:
Seamless integration between systems, sites, people, and assets.
Improved operational efficiency and reduced energy costs.
Adherence to cybersecurity, safety, and regulatory compliance.
Exceeding expectations while meeting service-level agreements.

Transparency across facilities
Complex automation projects involve improving operational efficiency by dismantling historical information silos, efficiently aggregating data from various hardware and software sources, and delivering valuable, contextual, and practical insights.

In smart cities, this challenge is magnified due to the real-time interconnected nature of the systems and processes being monitored and controlled, whether centrally or remotely, and the expectations of people who rely on these systems to participate in daily city life... and want to be happy doing so.


Asset Performance
Managing modern urban infrastructure can include the management of assets such as buildings and facilities, vehicles (buses, trams, and trains), energy distribution, bridges and tunnels, lighting, security and surveillance equipment, and increasingly, data centers, Wi-Fi, and communication networks.
The combination of assets with connected devices and, more importantly, with the data collected for each of these assets, introduces the need for technological solutions to harmonize disparate data and facilitate a unified view of maintenance needs, downtime predictions, and proactive maintenance scheduling.

Centralized Operations
Emphasizing the need for cities to become "smart" is increasing the demand for command and control centers.
Private enterprises have been implementing operations centers for many years. However, few private enterprises have the complexity of disparate data silos, multi-vendor system architectures, and millions of citizen consumers relying on their infrastructure to participate in an economically viable and functional society.

Asset Performance Management
AVEVA offers the most comprehensive asset performance catalog to help our customers achieve their reliability, safety, and performance goals.
AVEVA Unified Operations Center
AVEVA offers advantages in visibility and enterprise control that enable agile, efficient, and adaptable operations.