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Design sustainable processes at the speed the market demands with the innovative, integrated platform that enables a circular, sustainable world

AVEVA™ Process Simulation

Work Smarter Now for a Sustainable Future
AVEVA Process Simulation brings agility to the entire process lifecycle of design, simulation, training, and operations to deliver the process side of the Digital Twin and accelerate the engineering cycle.
Engineers can collaborate across disciplines in a single integrated platform to explore all dimensions of a potential design and quantify the impact on sustainability, feasibility, and profitability.

Embrace Digital Transformation to Reinvent Process Simulation


Accelerate Design Cycles
Cut wasted effort by using the same simulation over all engineering phases with Process, Fluid Flow, and Dynamics modes in a single model.


Boost Engagement
Replace dozens of specialized programs with a single, easy-to-use interface so every engineer can see their impact.


Increase Collaboration
Build an agile engineering workflow with concurrent use by process, utility, control, and mechanical engineers.


Attract & Retain Talent
Enable your teams’ creativity and innovation to raise the value and prominence of process engineering.

A Single Platform Unlocks Value across the Process Lifecycle

Conceptual Design
Find the optimal design through fast evaluation of design alternatives with flexible specifications and continuous solving.

Specify optimal equipment by modeling interacting systems and directly populating the engineering database.

Detailed Engineering
Design verification discovers errors earlier and saves time and money spent correcting them.Start-up

Reduce risk of delays and lost revenue by ramping up quickly.

Predict problems before they occur. Train a highly competent workforce.


A Simulation Platform that’s Ready for the Future

Steady State & Dynamics
Change modes anytime and in any direction among flow-driven steady state, pressure-driven rating, and Dynamics.
Sustainability Built-in
Greenhouse gas calculations in the Economics library. Renewables library includes solar, wind, and hydrogen.
Equation-oriented Solver
State-of-the-art numerics allow for efficient calculation, especially when there are many recycles.
Open Modeling
See, understand, and customize model equations. Write new models with no programming.
Extendable Architecture
Expand into new areas of simulation and integrate with new technologies with built-in Python scripting.
Real-time Data
Automatically input real-time data from operations through the native connection with OSI PI System.
Cloud Access
Overcome IT constraints with native cloud accessibility. Take advantage of parallel computing power.
Unified Engineering
Enable multi-discipline collaboration with seamless information flow from one single data hub.

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