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Water and Wastewater Operations & Maintenance

The City of Ashland Water Department is responsible for water source, treatment, and distribution of 7 millions gallons of water a day to 21,000 residents along the Oregon-California border. The distribution system consists of over 70 miles of water lines, 5 pump stations, 29 pressure reducing stations, 925 fire hydrants, and over 6,700 individual services and meters.



  • Utilize AVEVA Insight to make data from historian and SCADA system instantly available to field technicians.


  • Needed a mobile solution that would give infield water technicians real-time information to monitor the system without laptops and VPNs.


  • AVEVA™ Insight


  • Reduction in manpower needed to support water operations.
  • Automated system notifications, including on mobile devices.
  • System access control / security built-in, with no additional overhead required.
  • Field Technicians now have information at hand, ready for them, so they can interact, anytime day or night, and from anywhere with cellular activity.

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