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The AVEVA PI System solution has helped the factory achieve a digital transformation in all its plants

Kellogg's is an American multinational manufacturer of cereals and prepared foods. Like other branded food and beverage producers, it is adapting to a market with stricter regulations and safety standards and greater public scrutiny of its products.

As a result, the plant reduced costs, improved operating standards and enabled a smoother compliance process. Axens' catalyst management system is at the heart of MOL Group's complex refinery operations. However, because Axens lacked quick visibility into MOL's catalyst performance data, Axens struggled to assist MOL in evaluating catalyst performance and unit yields. Both MOL and Axens wanted better and faster access to operational data, so they turned to PI Cloud Connect to share real-time operational data between customer and supplier securely and with strong governance.

Since then, AVEVA PI System has helped the Valls plant achieve a plant-wide digital transformation, including data analysis. To that end, the company wanted to upgrade the infrastructures of its international assets to reduce withdrawals, comply with stricter regulations and maintain consumer confidence. Three years ago, Kellogg's implemented the PI System at one of these assets: its manufacturing plant in Valls, Spain, which produces 12 Kellogg's cereal brands.



  • Reduce product variability
  • Bring overall equipment effectiveness in line with the CPG best-in-class rating.


  • Increasingly stringent regulations and safety standards.
  • Without digital connectivity, teams were required to collect data manually, which lead to compliance and nonconformity issues.


  • AVEVA PI System


  • Reduced CCP by 64%, product failures by 73%, and minor line stops by 67%.
  • Achieved CPG best-in-class rating for OEE of 80%.
  • Increased mean time between failures rate by 180%.

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