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Dairy Processing - Key Challenges and Solutions
Seize new market opportunities and profits through waste reduction and 100% traceable production.

The dairy industry faces tight margins due to regulated milk prices. In this demand-driven industry, AVEVA Select's comprehensive portfolio of solutions helps dairy manufacturers respond quickly by ensuring product safety and quality during production, reducing scrap waste, and improving operational agility.

Variety and supply-demand management
Dairy product processing involves producing a wide variety of products, including accommodating changes between products with different recipes and strict in-place cleaning procedures between batches. Dairy manufacturers face the challenge of optimizing a dynamic daily plan, introducing new products, and producing a variety of different finished goods while simultaneously optimizing costs and minimizing waste.

AVEVA SELECT Recipe Management
AVEVA reduces recipe management efforts and automates formula downloading and recipe execution on automated equipment. Streamline the process of introducing new products and increase manufacturing flexibility while ensuring process and product quality.

AVEVA SELECT Batch Management
The system-independent batch management software provides guidance and supervision for both recipe management and batch execution with a complete historical record. It effectively manages and automates large-scale, multi-product, and multi-stream batch operations to maximize plant performance, increase manufacturing flexibility, and deliver consistent quality according to recipe specifications.



Ensure Food Quality and Safety
Ensuring the proper handling of food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance is crucial in dairy processing. This requires well-established and controlled processes to ensure products are produced correctly and necessary data for HACCP and traceability is recorded, along with a commitment to continuously improve these processes. Dairy product manufacturers require a process-based approach to capture and document their processes, which can be applied in the plant and provide the foundation for continuous improvement.

AVEVA SELECT Manufacturing Execution System
Formerly known as Wonderware MES
Maximize profitability, flexibility, quality, and compliance in manufacturing by digitally managing rules and information for all operational activities and plant events in real-time. A process-centric, model-driven approach reduces time-to-value and total cost of ownership for both plant deployments and multi-site MES implementations.

AVEVA SELECT Advanced Process Control (APC)
It is a comprehensive model-based predictive process control that improves the economics of your processes.
It is an advanced model-based predictive process control software that improves process profitability by enhancing quality, increasing yield, and reducing energy usage.

Improving Performance
With tight margins and limited capital investment, dairy manufacturers must maximize the production of their existing equipment and control labor, material, and costs at every step of the process. Dairy product manufacturers need to ensure reliable, sustainable, and energy-efficient operation of their equipment, the productivity of their operators, all while reducing costs of wasted materials.

Make better and faster decisions with complete visibility of your operations and assets in the cloud.

AVEVA SELECT APU Insight provides actionable insights and artificial intelligence capabilities to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance. With lower IT costs and quick deployment, discover opportunities in minutes.
It is the fastest and easiest way to increase your operational agility, resilience, and sustainability.
Visit the demo and enjoy a free 45-day trial with your own data. Try AVEVA Insight now.

AVEVA BI Gateway
The power of data in context: transforming industrial data into actionable intelligence.
Discover what drives plant performance:
Individually, data sources often provide valuable information to end-users. However, when data sources are assembled into a single, reliable data set covering overall industrial operations, the business value of visualization tools thrives.

AVEVA SELECT APU helps you synthesize data from across the plant, revealing relationships that would otherwise be nearly invisible. It models big data into manageable chunks, allowing industrial teams to track performance against the metrics that matter most, with enough time to make a difference.
Gain new insights into optimization potentials that may be hidden in disconnected functional domains or separate data sets. By providing a single version of the truth and contextualizing data, AVEVA SELECT BI helps you make strategic sense of your production data.
Grains, Bakery, and Confectionery - Key Challenges and Solutions
Enable brand promise fulfillment, manage a wide variety and quality of products, and accurately track material genealogy.

Throughout the grains and bakery value chain, concerns about allergens and cross-contamination require the application of strict procedures and controls. AVEVA Select helps grain, bakery, and confectionery manufacturers ensure food safety, minimize quality losses, and reduce energy expenditure.
Allergen Control and Brand Promise Compliance
Recalls of food products due to undeclared allergens are increasing. Undeclared allergens cause harmful effects on consumers, leading to costly regulatory non-compliance fines and loss of market share as consumer trust erodes. The industry faces the challenge of avoiding product recalls due to incorrect labeling and undeclared allergens.

Product Quality Maintenance and Product Genealogy Tracking
Bakery and confectionery manufacturers must comply with food safety standards by maintaining complete product genealogy. The industry requires a solution designed for quality data collection through manual inspection procedures or direct sampling from automated plant equipment or control systems.