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Setting standards in operational excellence and efficiency.

Starbucks Corporation, known worldwide as Starbucks, is an international coffee chain listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It was founded in 1971, in Seattle, Washington state, United States.

It is considered the largest coffee marketing company in the world, with more than 35,000 stores in 70 countries. Starbucks offers coffee and experiences, as well as beverages and a variety of snacks. It also has products related to the sector for sale such as cups, thermoses and coffee beans, as well as books and music and movie CDs. Their cafes are usually found in busy places, such as airports, shopping centers, historic centers, museums, universities, among others.



  • Consolidated access to all system documentation.
  • Complete visibility into production and operations across multiple sites
  • Real-time integration from control layer to business layer
  • Flexibility to allow system customization.
  • Dissemination of data to various teams throughout the organization.
  • Flexibility to leverage mobile devices to access data


  • AVEVA™ PI System
  • AVEVA™ customized automation solution


  • Customized operations management interface that enables greater understanding and control of data in context.
  • Visibility from the shop floor to the top floor for all production and inventory data across multiple lines and plants.
  • Integrated HMI/SCADA platform as a basis for superior control of industrial processes
  • Unified lines of sight throughout the enterprise that improve operational efficiency
  • Mobile access to data that allows operators to make actionable decisions in real time

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