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Challenges and Key Solutions
The beverages and breweries sector is characterized by high production volumes and the two main production steps: processing and packaging. AVEVA Select APU enables beverage and beer manufacturers to maximize line production and minimize equipment downtime.

Maximizing production line performance
Volatile costs of raw materials and packaging materials represent up to 40% of revenues. This means beverage manufacturers need to improve equipment uptime, increase line production, and enhance quality. To remain profitable, it is essential to avoid bottlenecks in the packaging process and minimize waste rates.

Reliability, safety, and excellent results
The beverages and breweries sector is constantly seeking ways to make the most of its equipment and resources to stay competitive. With different types of equipment, antiquity, and instrumentation levels throughout the factory, improving asset reliability becomes a monumental task.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
In beverage and beer manufacturing, many processes are inherently multifunctional. However, these processes are mostly manual or use different software applications. Beverage manufacturers require a collaborative electronic system that helps them gain a significant competitive advantage. They need to integrate multifunctional processes to support both HACCP analysis systems and continuous improvement systems.