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Mostostal Zabrze BIPROHUT, a modern multidiscipline engineering firm based in Poland, prevents costly delays by working to avoid such confusion and lost data. With AVEVA E3D Design, the company is streamlining its design processes and improving coordination across its multiple disciplines.

The company’s approach benefits both its operational processes and its clients’ outcomes.

Beginning in 1946 with steel mills, the firm now also specializes in implementing projects for manufacturing, chemicals, and energy, as well as mining and metals industries. As it has expanded into designing chemical plants, energy installations, and mining facilities, the complexity of its operations and its clients’ demands have also changed.


Providing such holistic support means coordinating a great number of individual disciplines a difficult task when each can rely on different design software. Prior to working with AVEVA, Mostostal Zabrze BIPROHUT coordinated its disciplines by importing and exporting models across programs. However, in 2017, at the urging of one of its clients, Mostostal Zabrze BIPROHUT began to use AVEVA solutions, a decision that has unlocked new efficiencies and possibilities for the company


  • Share information reliably and efficiently across multiple disciplines
  • Improve compatibility with global clientele, particularly in the chemical and energy industries.
  • Automate repetitive, routine design processes.


  • Coordinating multiple disciplines that each used different software.
  • Exporting across different models meant important data could be lost.
  • Complexity and precision of design task required software customizable to the different teams’ needs.


  • AVEVA E3D Design
  • AVEVA™ Diagrams


  • Increased cross-discipline collaboration, with building Information Modeling and AVEVA E3D Pipe Support, saving at least 50% of the time previous 3D technologies required.
  • Improved operational efficiency and business agility, with a workflow that is 80% faster than before.
  • Expanded capacity for large-scale projects in the chemical and energy industries.
  • Acquired eight new, large clients in the chemical and energy industries in the past three years.

“In our opinion, building information modeling (BIM) methodology and the related digital twin technology will undoubtedly shape the future of industrial construction.”

Tomasz Jablonka - Main Designer, Mostostal Zabrze BIPROHUT

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