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The smart city of Nava Raipur, Quality of life, smart growth and resilience of cities.

Nava Raipur Atal Nagar, located in central India, is the country's first greenfield metropolitan smart city and a beacon for global planning, development and operation. In 2000, when India established Chhattisgarh as its ninth largest state in terms of population of 29 million people, municipal authorities quickly identified the need for a new state capital. Nava Raipur – or “new” Raipur – was tasked with being the future economic and financial core state.

For the new capital, urban developers had to deliver an environmentally friendly and well-planned city to bring all the most modern amenities of a successful Smart City.

Nava Raipur was planned from the ground up to offer quality of life through safety, efficiency, sustainability, and livability. Adopting world-class land use planning, the city has established a dedicated zoning system for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Recreational space accounts for almost 30% of the geographical plan, and the city includes Asia's largest man-made reservoir and other recreational venues, facilities such as its Jungle Safari, a sports stadium, adventure sports facilities, a music fountain and more. The city was designed to be a model of intelligent intelligence. growth and resilience, to accommodate a population of 600,000 citizens by 2031.


  • Build a brand new world-class smart city.
  • Achieve high livability through efficient civic operations.
  • Develop an infrastructure and operations plan to support the optimized management of the city.


  • Deliver the first environmentally sustainable smart city in the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh.
  • Use optimized solutions to meet the needs of citizens and companies.
  • Improve quality of life through safe, efficient services, sustainable civic services and planning systems


  • AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center
  • AVEVA™ Water Network Optimization
  • AVEVA™ Water Loss Management
  • AVEVA™ Enterprise Asset Management


  • Knowledge and real-time management of critical aspects and infrastructure systems throughout the city.
  • Better management of supply and demand for crucial civic services, including water, street lighting, electrical and sewage services, in real time
  • Nava Raipur was designated as a beacon for the national Smart cities mission of the Government of India.

“We selected AVEVA as our ICT partner because we feel they have the experience, technology and knowledge to adapt with our Smart City vision. We had engaged PwC as a consultant and asked them to work with us to develop our plan. They created a tender for a technology partner, and AVEVA was the best offer for our needs. As we look to the future, we are confident that AVEVA is the software technology we need to scale and increase our operational capabilities, allowing us to support the development of Nava Raipur as a smart city hub for Chhattisgarh.”.

N N Ekka, CEO - Nava Raipur

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