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Votorantim Cimentos

Votorantim Cimentos transforms its operations in its first year with AVEVA

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Votorantim Cimentos, a Brazilian company founded in 1933, has grown into an international business with a presence of 11 countries instead of 19: They are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay (South America); Canada e United States (North America); Luxembourg and Spain (Europe); Turkey (Europe/Asia); Marocco e Tunisia (Africa). With a focus on construction materials, the Global company has a production capacity of 52.8 million tons of cement per year, with revenue of BRL 16.7 billion in 2020.

In 2018, Votorantim Cimentos put out a call for guidance on how to make its asset performance more transparent through condition-based maintenance and machine learning. The team selected AVEVA Predictive Analytics owing to the user-friendly interface that enabled the team to operate independently, ensuring that Votorantim had full control of its data at every stage of the optimization process.


Significant savings and scalability

The implementation was quick and efficiently delivered by AVEVA’s team. The plant operations team began to see benefits almost immediately.

Across six sites, predictive analysis-driven “catches” avoided BR$23 million expenditure in corrective maintenance costs per site in the first year alone.

This helped to reduce maintenance costs by 10%, equivalent to BR$19 million in savings, and also cut the plant’s maintenance backlog. At the same time, with better data the team was able to drive a 6% improvement in asset reliability.


  • Cut costs for corrective maintenance and maintenance (MRO) inventory
  • Increase productivity through Predictive Maintenance
  • Increase operational reliability and reduce downtime
  • Achieve autonomous and automated scaling of solutions between plants


  • Need for rapid implementation and a user-friendly interface
  • Creating a sense of ownership allowing for future scalability without relying on a supplier
  • Meaningful return on investment
  • Adapting to COVID-19 Scenario, with 100% remote deployment


  • AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics


  • 10% of reduction in recurring maintenance compared to previous years (see recurring maintenance chart)
  • Savings of BRL16M per site, equivalent to US$5.5M savings per site and a total of US$88M savings in total.
  • Reliability boosted by 6%, achieving target values of 85.9% to 91.2%
  • Reduced unplanned maintenance from 52% to 42% for global maintenance costs, achieving targets.
  • Implemented successful change management strategy, improving collaboration.
  • Improved asset transparency, enabling comparative analysis between plants and sharing of best practices.
  • Improved instrumentation quality

“Using AVEVA predictive analytics we wanted to realize a vision of our next-generation plant operations, using data to shape our decision-making. Because AVEVA’s software is agnostic we were able to click in the systems within days, and see benefits within weeks, driving unparalleled optimizations that spanned our entire operations and our network of plants.”.

Fabio Eduardo Scarlassari, Global Maintenance General Manager at Votorantim Cimentos

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