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Maximize the productivity, quality, and compliance of manufacturing operations. Lower the cost and complexity of MES standardization.

AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System

Smart manufacturing through digital transformation
Digitize, standardize, optimize and govern your operational processes and work activities across industrial manufacturing plants with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (formerly Wonderware MES.)

            Reduce wasteand loss with rich,                              Enforce quality control procedures and                  Capture and quickly scale best practices in your
            contextualized operational data for                        consumer safety compliance with                            operational processes and reporting across multi-site
            real-time KPI monitoring, reporting                       automatic product genealogy record                      operations. Improve your supply chain agility and
            and analysis. Make your plants                                 keeping and end-to-end material                            resilience with consistent visibility into plant operations.
            more efficient, reliable and sustainable.                traceability.

Digital manufacturing operations management
Optimize your manufacturing value chain. Enable smarter manufacturing operations management by aligning people and processes with technology and data-driven insights.

Production management
Optimize plant schedules and synchronize human and machine actions. Execute work orders and jobs efficiently, producing quality products on time and in full at the lowest costs. 
Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance and protect brand equity with automatic electronic record keeping. Detailed product genealogy and material traceability take just minutes.
Inventory management
Track inventory operations and material movements to reduce out-of-spec product by enforcing BOM and premix recipes. Update inventory quantities automatically when materials are consumed and production is complete.
Workflow management
Manage human processes and collaboration with advanced workflow management capabilities. A digital user experience optimized for mobile use eliminates paperwork, enforces compliance and reduces errors. 
Performance management
Systematically reduce waste and losses while increasing your operational efficiency. Monitor, analyze and continuously improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and plant resource use.
Quality management
Ensure product quality and safety compliance through quality inspection automation and data collection procedures. Track production progress and inventory activities in context. 
Data management and reporting
Optimize manufacturing operations with a contextualized data store optimized for self-service analysis and responsive reporting performance. Drill down analyses into short- and long-term operational data.

Enterprise integration
Automate data exchange with resource planning and provide work in process (WIP) and inventory status visibility in real time for more agile supply chains. Integrate with plant control systems with AVEVA’s agnostic connectivity.

  • Multisite manufacturing execution system standardization
    Shorten time to value and reduce ownership costs for your smart manufacturing initiatives. AVEVA’s edge-to-enterprise MES solution allows operations to scale while offering a sustainable, model-driven approach. Standardize your lean and continuous improvement best practices, operational processes, KPIs, compliance reporting and supply chain integration across multisite operations.

    Drive consistent manufacturing practices across your organization by standardizing technologies and processes for measuring plant efficiency and enforcing regulatory compliance. By gaining visibility into plant operations, you enable a more responsive plant and more agile supply chain operations.

    • Model-driven standardization captures best practices in templates and libraries that can be rolled out and adapted across multiple sites.
    • Ready-to-use standard MES activity and user interface models reduce time to value for plant MES solutions and multisite standardization projects.
    • An edge-to-enterprise architecture reduces the cost of multisite MES standardization and unlocks business-wide benefits.


    The digital transformation of manufacturing operations is critical to enabling agile and resilient supply chain operations. Manufacturers will see benefits in productivity and sustainability, and at the business level.

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